Frintrop GmbH was founded as a construction office in 1993 at the Kornwestheim location. From the start, construction projects were prepared in the 3D-CAD System, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling. All projects are supported by an FEM calculation. However, specialization in complex welding and sheet metal construction quickly emerged. This specialization was emphasized by a fusion with Mez Frintrop AG. The fusion made our own sheet metal manufacturing possible at the Reutlingen location, with over 3000 m² capacity.

Since 04/01/2015, Frintrop GmbH has again emerged as an independent developer service provider with associated prototype construction. This was made possible by a move to the Tamm location, with a suitable assembly area, as well as by the separation from Merz Frintrop AG. By developing a new business concept with a specialization in prototypes, the collective levels of experience of our employees lead to the highest level of competence.

All of our projects benefit from our passion for sustainable development in relation to customers, employees and the environment.

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