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Available positions

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Project reports

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Services in Engineering

Frintrop GmbH is active in the field of engineering services. The company objective is the development of machinery, installations and components of machinery, and plant engineering. The tasks extend from finding solutions through construction and drafting, up to the selection and support of manufacturing as well as installation supervision and transfer to the end customer.

If desired, we provide systems. That means we offer the total spectrum of services from development to on-site installation.

Finding solutions

Frintrop GmbH provides solutions via the implementation of tools.  To reach for those very new ideas, Brainstorming ranks in position number 1 at our company.  In particular, we practice an accelerated version of this tactic for our customers– high-speed storming. We gather together quickly in a small group and write down solutions on an index card, based on the key word method. The responsible designer can then continue work immediately on the emerging ideas.

Of course, these are already high value approaches, because every one of our employees possesses broad, expert knowledge from various expert fields and from many years of engineering experience.

Industrial design

We set-up our own construction-related design drafts adapted entirely to both customer wishes and requirements. If you desire to engage a comprehensive design studio for your product, Frintrop GmbH can work on your project together with a well-known design studio. Ask us for a proposal to meet your requirements.

Concept and analysis

New ideas require a clear, structured procedure. Frintrop GmbH prepares a preliminary concept to begin each project. Together with your specifications book, which we happily prepare together with you, this clarifies the requirements for your construction. Feasibility- and risk analyses are thus examined at a very early stage.

FEM calculation

Finite Element Method (FEM) – This method lets us consider our engineering approach. Frintrop GmbH hereby draws up three solutions:

  1. An integrated tool in the CAD System for construction-guided calculations.
  2. ANSYS simulation software makes reliable prediction possible on how your products will behave in the real world. It makes complex calculations and predictions possible on the behavior of components.
  3. Highly complex dynamic calculations such as, for example, earthquake calculations for free standing cabins. Frintrop GmbH accomplishes this task through very close cooperation with an external calculations office. In this way you acquire all proposals and calculations from one source through us.


Our engineering services have been a permanent feature in the market since 1993. In recent years, we have had the privilege of working in the most varied expert fields and tasks for our clients.

As a service provider, Frintrop GmbH primarily features know-how in the areas of welding and sheet metal construction. We especially welcome tasks that are highly technically demanding. Services also include drive- and automation solutions as well as working in very special environments (clean rooms or explosion protection according to ATEX).

We always work in-line with the recognized norms of machinery guideline 2006/42/EC, taking into consideration all testing and conformity verifications.

Technical documentation

Frintrop GmbH prepares complete technical documentation for every project according to the latest guidelines and norms (corresponding to machinery guideline 2006/42/EC). Every customer obtains technical documentation upon delivery, entirely on new data storage media. Everything required for production can be found there– from the technical drawing to parts lists and up to a declaration of incorporation, all of the tests and verifications of conformity corresponding to the machinery, and the ATEX guidelines.

Prototype engineering

Frintrop GmbH takes on responsibility. On your behalf, we build the prototype in our own facility.  Thus, you see your new product not only on paper but also as hardware.

Every project is allocated a prototype location from the start, at which all parts that are delivered are examined and warehoused until the time of assembly. You benefit from complete transparency of costs through a simple overhead calculation on the components. Our engineers and technicians assemble your project to completion for you and, of course, we also gladly carry out disassembly in order to reconstruct the project at the location stipulated by you for reassembly.


We are also providers of assembly services now, at our facility in Tamm, and at your site and anywhere else in the world.